Piping and Mechanical Engineering

About Piping and Mechanical Engineering

P&M Engineering is a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm.

With a reputation of engineering expertise, we have the experience and technical knowledge to fulfill your exact requirements world-wide.


Our technical solutions and services will represent added value to our customers through :


- Quality

- Attractive price / performance ratios

- Life cycle performance

- Innovation

- Availability

- Scope of supply



Design and Engineering


P&M Engineering design and engineering services are fully tailored for projects in the Oil & Gas and (Petro)Chemical, Industrial, Health & Nutrition, Utilities & Environment, Infrastructure and Property markets.

P&M Engineering expertise and skills allow for fast-track project delivery. Through the application of high-end design tools such as Auto-plant, Plant 3D and PDMS, Inventor, successive design and engineering phases can be integrated. In this way, a new plant or facility is made operational in the shortest possible time.

P&M Engineering can offer multidisciplinary design & engineering services in all our target sectors.